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Aophone [Performance]

In collaboration with Vano Sai [Mutro Art Group]

Aophone is an analog synthesizer made of living people.

It is based on a principle of reverse evolution of technology and making use of human potential instead of mechanisms. «Keyboard» consists of eight people, each one is constantly singing appropriate sound while wearing mask. Each mask is tied by the wire to the table, where the player can control the sound by pulling the masks of the faces and back. Machine is open to play for everyone from public.

In the first version of the instrument that was presented in Valencia, the performers sang notes and in subsequent versions this was changed and different sounds were used that were most characteristic for every one.


​17.11.2017 - Szczecin | Poland - Festival Mlode Wilki

26.10.2017 - London | U.K. - Never Fade

09.09.2017 - Kyiv | Ukraine - Gogol Fest

17.06.2017 - Kyiv | Ukraine - Radio 20ft

28.05.2017 - Krakow | Poland - Dr J. Babiński Neuropsychiatric Hospital

09.04.2017 - Berlin | Germany - Gager Gallery

02.04.2017 - Valencia | Spain - «UPV»

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