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Bla Bla Machine [Performance]

UPV 2017 [Valencia, Spain]

An attempt to create a device for materialisation and on the same time maximum compression of voice. 

From outside machine is a white wall with two holes (“in” and “out”), red signal lamp and a paper sheet with instruction.

When viewer enters the room he has few seconds to read the instruction, then the signal lamp lights up, meaning that the viewer has to speak something to the microphone inside the “in” hole. In a minute he gets a small plastic bag with ashes.

From the other side of the wall is happening a process with an algorithm of actions which starts from the moment when the lamp lights up and the viewer speaks.

The words spoken are recorded to the computer which visualises the sound wave, which becomes saved as a picture and printed on a piece of paper (a4).The next stage is a process of separation of the sound wave silhouette from the paper, by hands, using the knife and scissors. This is done by six people to speed up the duration of the process. Last stage is the maximum compression of the sound by burning it and packing the ashes into the small zip bag, which is given to the viewer from the “out” hole.

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