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Down to Earth

Soundcamp 2023 [London, UK]

ATOM (Alisa Oleva and Timothy Maxymenko) and Andriy Kyrychenko

invite you to a collective listening experience as part of Soundcamp ten(t).

This is an invitation to find a place in your nearby park, wood or any other environment, find a spot, put your headphones in and lay down on your right side, putting your right ear to the ground. You will hear a set by Andriy Kyrychenko, zooming you in and out of the sounds of the environment around you, taking your ears on a journey through the minute details of the world around you, gradually inviting you deeper and deeper from the sounds of your own heartbeat to the vibrations of pipes and tubes under the ground beneath you.

Prepare to spend some time lying still on the ground - so bring warm clothes or anything else you need. The listening session is about 35 min. It is fine if you drift in and out of sleep.

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