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The work creates sound portals with the help of specially built sound boxes that were sent to three Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa,
Every day for 24 hours, with the help of a special mini computer and microphones located in each of the boxes, the sound of the cities will be streamed here.

“Listening portals” is an open and mobile project. It is possible for new boxes to appear in new cities and periodically to move across the territory of Ukraine.

Project by Timothy Maxymenko in collaboration with Lia Mazzari & Ben Parry. The project was realized with support of Sopot National Art Gallery. Special thanks to Grant Smith and Soundcamp for helping build the boxes. Ilia Batii (baitcode) for IT and technical support. For help in installing boxes in Ukraine, special thanks to: Prokhorenko Rodion & Oleksii Chystotin. 

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