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Someone [Installation]

In collaboration with Mutro Art Group

Brave! Factory Festival 2019 [Kyiv, Ukraine]

Someone is a multimedia installation consisting of two identical booths, each of which is a space similar to the "speechless censorship" confession. Inside, you can sit down, calm down and talk about everything.
These booths are interconnected by audio and are located in different parts of the festival area. Therefore, when a person comes in and starts talking, another person who has just entered the second part of the installation can enter into a dialogue. It doesn't matter who the other side is. He (or her) can never be seen unless, of course, that desire arises.
The main idea and purpose of the installation is to create a situation where two strangers will be able to speak and listen without restraining themselves: everything can be heard. Secrets or fantasies - all this is open to the faceless interlocutor on the other side.

Brave! Factory Festival is becoming a kind of city in the city, with its character and morals, in which our work can be a catalyst for interesting social encounters.

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