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The Sound Labyrinth [Interactive-installation]

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery - Audio Art Festival 2018 [Krakow, Poland]

The sound labyrinth is an interactive audio installation that is a completely dark room in the center of which there is a controller with 4 buttons forward to the left and to the right with which the entrant who gets inside can move around the city.
In fact, the participant will not move physically, he will stand in one place in absolute darkness, focusing solely on the sounds recorded in different parts of the city, which sound from four sound speakers around it. These sounds and will move the participant on a real map with the help of intuition, the person who is in the middle will be able to understand where he is and continue to go further by pushing the buttons in any direction. Also, the sound will physically move around the room creating the effect of motion. This installation is an opportunity to feel the world without eyes with the help of sounds. And imagine what sound navigation can be from blind people.

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